The word “Aroha” signifies in te reo Maori the compassion, concern, empathy and love that is so vital to overcoming the challenges facing people and our planet today.

EST. 2017

Aroha is a global platform mobilizing support for climate threatened communities and nations as key champions in overcoming a global crisis of the climate. As a platform, Aroha forms a network of organizations and capacities in different world regions that collaborate operationally to deliver initiatives that are impactful and provide a wide range of knowledge, connections and international reach.



Aroha’s mission can be summed up in three words: avert climate chaos.


Mobilizing actions towards limiting global warming to 1.5C, enhancing protection of vulnerable communities and ecosystems, and maximizing benefits of the transition to a climate resilient future.


We are an independent organization under the authority of our Governing Board.


We are an international non-profit dedicated to public benefit causes as an association under Swiss law.


We were founded in October 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland, our main base of operation.

Key projects

Aroha helped establish the MSC Foundation and provides advisory support to the Foundation’s board. Aroha has also led and operated the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) Secretariat between 2017-2023 working with 58 member states across continents. 

Cause Obsessed

We are obsessed with combating climate chaos – this is the cause that unites us as people and as an organization. It guides all the work we do. We think this is the biggest challenge for the world today and the most profound and complex justice issue facing our society. This constant source of motivation is why we come to work every day both dedicated and optimistic.


To combat climate chaos, we need to move away from out-of-date ways of thinking and working and trigger transformational change. For that, we have to be adaptable and constantly find creative and innovative solutions to move forward. That’s why we aim to always come up with fresh ideas and are not afraid to be disruptive and evolve our ways of working.

Fearlessly Independent

You can count on us to bring the best of our knowledge, expertise, ideas and energy to the table without external influences getting in the way. Remaining autonomous and true to ourselves is also key to our delivery of high-quality work – professionally – each and every time.

Team Powered

Climate chaos is too big for any one group to handle. Only by collaborating and working together do we have any good chance of success. Likewise, each achievement is the fruit of a collective effort. To us, being a team also means that we think of and care for each other: that we show empathy, are inclusive and supportive, and that we have each other’s best interests at heart.


We are open to others, open to new ideas, and open to the world about the work we do. We believe transparency is essential to cultivate quality relationships within Aroha and with our many partners and supporters. So we are always honest and upfront. Being open also means that we embrace local to global viewpoints, seek out diverse perspectives, and are always respectful to whoever we encounter in our journey to combat climate chaos.

We Are

Climate chaos is too big for any one group to handle. Only by collaborating and working together do we have any good chance of success. Likewise, each achievement is the fruit of a collective effort.

Get to know us:

Latest Annual Report

Annual Report No.5

Our 2023 Annual Report

An in-depth review of our fifth operating year of activities.

Our policies

We are committed to inclusion and diversity. Safeguarding fundamental human rights is at the heart of our work with climate vulnerable nations and people and upholding those rights for our team members is essential to us.

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of harassment (including sexual exploitation and abuse), retaliation, bullying and mobbing.

Read our policies here.

Code of conduct

Safeguarding Policy

Sustainability Policy

Gender policy