Our WOrk

Aroha aims to avert climate chaos by mobilizing actions towards limiting global warming to 1.5ºC, enhancing protection of vulnerable communities and ecosystems, and maximizing benefits of the transition to a climate resilient future. Towards these objectives, Aroha operates in partnership with public and private entities across four principal work domains:


Policy Shift

Aroha is dedicated to promoting the interests of the world’s most vulnerable nations by engaging in policy-level activities, conducting research, and facilitating regional dialogues across a range of international fora.

These include the UNFCCC as well as various Geneva-based bodies such as the Human Rights Council. By doing so, Aroha strives to identify key issue areas within the international processes addressing climate change and the best course of action to tackle them.

Under this work area, we:

  • Produce concept, background and briefing notes, research and technical papers that serve to inform decision-making towards the realization of the Paris Agreement goals and support the advocacy efforts of partner member states.
  • Support climate vulnerable nations’ advocacy efforts through the organization of events, meetings, and high-level dialogues and summits.
  • Monitor the debates of international fora such as the UNFCCC and the HRC and provide our partners with inputs and proposals.
  • Provide operational and advisory support to climate vulnerable countries.
  • Produce research to inform the activities of any of our further partners.

Financing & Implementation

At Aroha, we identify climate finance as a key hurdle to overcome in enabling action to tackle climate change including a clean and renewable energy and green and resilient transition. To realize the path from climate vulnerability to climate prosperity, we don’t just need the right ideas: we also need a way to finance and implement them.

Under the “Financing & Implementation” work area, we:

  • Produce research and modelling to evaluate risk and inform investment plans and decision-making, with a special focus on macro financial policy, financial institutions, cost of capital, and financial protection gaps.

  • Work closely with governments and pull together inputs from national and international partners to develop climate strategies tailored to highlight the economic and social benefits of ambitious climate action.  

  • Develop innovative financing initiatives, including by exploring partnerships with private actors

Communications & Partnerships

To translate our policy proposals into the real world, impactful communications campaigns and materials are essential. We also believe in the power of synergies and joining forces to achieve greater change – which is why partnerships are an important part of our work.

The “Communications & Partnerships” work area focuses on all the activities that explain to the world who we are, and what we are trying to do, as well as all the work surrounding creating and fostering relationships with partner organizations and exploring ways to expand collaboration opportunities.

Under the “Communications & Partnerships” work area, we:

  • Support climate vulnerable countries in the creation, implementation and diffusion of strategic
    communications campaigns that support targeted advocacy efforts.

  • Communicate about Aroha’s activities and identity to our stakeholders and to the world, through the production of our Annual Report and other communications materials as well as the maintenance of our website.

  • Maintain and explore collaboration opportunities with a wide range of partner organizations.

  • In particular, foster our ongoing partnership with the MSC Foundation (which we helped establish) by providing continued support to their activities.

Administration & Operations

Like any other organization, our activities require a strong administrative and operational support framework to ensure their successful implementation.

Our “Administration & Operations” work area focuses on supporting the other pillars on all related administrative and operational needs to enable their efficient and smooth functioning.

This pillar also covers all the activities related to Aroha as an institution, such as governance
relations and institutional policies.

Under this work area, we:

  • Support other pillars in administrative and operational matters such as procurement and travel arrangements.

  • Monitor Aroha’s finances and budgeting.

  • Support all pillars in the recruitment, on- and off-boarding of team members.

  • Oversee the maintenance and operations in our physical office in Geneva.

  • Maintain communication channels with the governing bodies of Aroha.

  • Create and update Aroha’s institutional policies.