Taniwha announces Aroha Annual Report 2022

In 2022, we added yet another drought, wildfire, and deadly heatwave to our shopping list of extreme weather events. Lives were lost in Pakistan, crop failures in East Africa caused widespread hunger, while floods displaced millions in West Africa. No corner of the world was spared, even the big polluters faced Mother Nature’s disruptions. Mess with nature and nature fights back. 

Sadly, the ones who suffer from the climate crisis the most are least responsible for causing it. As this injustice keeps unraveling, I was glad to see Aroha supporting climate vulnerable nations’ call for international funding and solutions for Loss and Damage through the Payment Overdue campaign. Against all odds, a historic decision emerged from the COP27 global climate gathering in Egypt—a loss and damage fund under the UN. Taniwha Approved  ✔︎ 

It’s about time payment is made for damages caused.

Still, our planet’s warning signs keep getting louder and louder. The world’s scientists agree that 1.5ºC is around the corner with the world all but set for overshooting this “survival limit”. Taniwha urges greater ambition from the big polluters who are most responsible and have the most resources to respond. Claims of aligning their emissions with the 1.5-degree Paris goal will always ring hollow if the principles of fairness and equal responsibility for the atmosphere are ignored, as is clearly revealed by the Traffic Light Assessment Report unveiled in Sharm-El-Sheikh with Aroha support. Taniwha Approved ✔︎

The hour is late, and our planet hangs in the balance. However, there is a glimmer of hope as COP27 included stronger language than last year, “urging” nations that have not aligned their climate targets with 1.5°C to do so by 2023. Taniwha Approved ✔︎ 

Let’s see if any will heed to call.

In the tumultuous landscape of 2022, we can find solace in seeing vulnerable countries lead the way with their Climate Prosperity Plans (CPPs). Egypt bore witness to the launch of Sri Lanka’s own such “CPP” plan in November—an ambitious endeavor aimed at accelerating economic recovery and achieving net-negative carbon emissions before mid-century. Bangladesh and Ghana are also preparing such plans aimed at emboldening growth despite an increasingly climate insecure world. Once again, Taniwha Approved ✔︎ 

If only such climate leadership was more widespread. 

Finally, I must mention the next generation of climate warriors, led by the Climate Vulnerable Forum’s Youth Ambassador and fellows who embody the spirit of resilience, determination, and innovation. Taniwha is inspired by their efforts and hopeful as they pave the way for a sustainable future. So let’s keep pushing for bold climate action, justice, and for standing together in safeguarding our planet and its most vulnerable communities. In the words of Nakeeyat Dramani Sam: “Duty bearers, kindly up your game”. Taniwha Approved ✔︎

Kia kaha there’s still much work to do,

Aroha’s Taniwha